Technical exchanges between Kang Qiang and new French Thermocompact company in 2016

  On May 19, 2016, four representatives of Thermocompact (hereinafter referred to as TC) came to visit Kangqiang for a two-day technical exchange and training in product structure, application and performance of gamma rays. During the training meeting, representatives from TC company vividly and vividly introduced the development process, product structure, production process, quality control and product application of TC to the sales, production and technical personnel of Kangqiang. During the training meeting, Kangqiang personnel actively asked questions and exchanged ideas, which enabled us to have a new understanding of the product and also for the following. It laid the foundation for technology transfer from TC French and Vietnamese factories.

  Accompanied by General Manager Kangqiang and others, TC attended the workshop with four people, and through the guidance of TC experts, gave perfect suggestions on the current production and manufacturing details.

  The technical exchange will create a good start for future cooperation.



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