2018 Chicago international manufacturing technology (machine tools) Exhibition (IMTS2018)


  [exhibition title] 2018 Chicago international manufacturing technology (machine tools) Exhibition (IMTS2018);

  [exhibition website] www.imts.com

  Exhibition venue: McCormick Place Exhibition Center, Chicago, USA

  [exhibition date] September 10, 2018 to September 15th (Saturday)

  American Machine Building Technology Association

  Exhibition hall] East Pavilion, West Pavilion, South Pavilion, North Pavilion

  [pavilion area] 150 thousand square meters

  [exhibition overview]

  Metal processing machine tools: lathes, upsetting machines, drilling machines, boring machines, milling machines, grinding machines, sawing machines, slotting machines, planers, gear processing machines, benders, shears, presses, gas cutting machines, water jet cutting machines, laser cutting machines, electrical processing machines and machining centers and other processing equipment.

  [scope of exhibition]

  Metalworking tools: all kinds of metal processing tools, measuring tools, cutting tools, fixtures, clamping tools, assembly tools, etc.

  Machine tool accessories and parts and equipment: material handling equipment, control motor, power transmission equipment, hydraulic pneumatic components, lubricants and test equipment; welding equipment, heat treatment equipment; abrasive abrasives, mold processing equipment, testing equipment, rapid prototyping equipment, injection molding equipment, mold polishing equipment, mold standard parts; Wire and cable, instrumentation, machine tools and electrical appliances. Control system and CAD / CAM: CNC system, automation equipment, industrial robots, computer-aided production, design and software.

  Kangqiang Microelectronics will attend the International Machinery Manufacturing Technology Exhibition in Chicago from September 10 to September 15, 2018. We sincerely invite all of you to visit our exhibition hall (E134266), and look forward to your visit. Thank you

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